• What your
    face-to-face fieldwork needs
    Face-to-face interviews require high investments in time and money. To be successful in CAPI you need a solution that allows you to be in control. That allows you to deliver high quality insights fast. With our industry-strength, easy-to-use software you are able to stay ahead of the game.
    Personal interviewing
  • Interviews that adapt
    to your respondent's device
    Online interviewing is an exciting field to be in right now. So much is changing: new devices, new interactive capabilities, a need for shorter mobile optimized questionnaires, sample fragmentation, data fusion and much more. With so many new challenges you need an online data collection solution that allows you to work with the latest best practices for online interviewing.
    Online interviewing
  • Secure as a safe
    with all the advantages of the cloud
    At NIPO Software we understand that securing your information is important. We know that your business is based on trust. Trust on integrity, confidentiality and anonymity. With our cloud based Nfield platform you do not just get all the advantages of cloud. You also get super strong security. Because our business depends on it as much as yours. 
    Data security
  • Everything you ever
    needed for telephone interviewing
    CATI is still a dominant force for business-to-business and social economic surveys. With decreasing volumes, call center efficiency and productivity have become much more important. With the largest CATI platform in the world you can't go wrong.
    Telephone interviewing
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Make your research business more competitive with our powerful cloud based or on premise data collection solutions for CATI, CAPI or Online interviewing.

NIPO Software's data collection solutions are aimed at the professional market research industry.  At NIPO Software we are not just good at creating awesome software, we also live and breath market research. We are often asked to advise on the setup of complex studies. All this knowlegde is incorporated in our software, creating the best platform for reliable, efficient and cost-effective collection of data. But, don't trust us... trust our customers.

NIPO Software has hundreds of customers all around the world. Each dealing with unique challenges. From optimizing CATI fieldwork for a big multi-country study over 32 countries to increasing face-to-face fieldwork quality in rural Africa to improving response quality in an ever more mobile interviewing world. 

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