Stay ahead of the game

Face-to-face interviewing happens as often today as it was happening ten or twenty years ago, but the market has shifted significantly. In the developed markets face-to-face interview volumes have declined in favor of online interviewing, but there are still many surveys for which face-to-face is the method of choice. In emerging markets the volume of interviews has increased and many of those new interviews are conducted face-to-face. We believe that, because face-to-face interviews require such high investments in time and money, market research companies need solutions that helps them conduct these tasks efficiently and with dependable, high quality, software if they are to stay ahead of the game.

The approach used for face-to-face interviewing in emerging versus developed markets differs greatly. Developed markets are predominantly using address based sampling and electronic data capturing (CAPI), whereas emerging markets typically use quota based sampling and pen-and-paper approaches. As a result each type of market has its own set of requirements to efficiently collect data. Many research companies in emerging markets now have the additional challenge of moving from pen-and-paper to electronic data capture. This introduces new and more efficient ways of working, but their field staff and interviewers needs to get accustomed to those new ways.

At NIPO Software we offer two mature and powerful solutions for face-to-face interviewing, which support research companies in developed markets as well as research companies in emerging markets, even those companies that are just starting to capture data electronically:
  1. NIPO Fieldwork System: aimed at face-to-face data collection using Microsoft Windows devices like pentops and laptops. Its primary focus is on developed markets, where sampling is based on addresses and surveys often require integration with customer delivered applications or add-ons.
  2. Nfield: aimed at face-to-face data collection using mobile devices like tablets and phones. This product is designed for both developed and emerging markets and offers built-in support for both quota based sampling and address based sampling. Nfield has a strong focus on usability, making it easy to learn and very pleasant to work with.
Both solutions are primed to increase your interviewer efficiency. Interviews are conducted without any need for an internet connection; answers are stored immediately so that interrupted interviews can be resumed; interviews can be conducted in any language; interviewers can make appointments to return at a later moment; and interviewers can enter relevant sample data in their CAPI app, so have no need for a second paper administration.

For your fieldwork staff both solutions offer a high level of control over what is happening in field. You can centrally manage changes to the survey, quotas, or interviewer assignments and you can track progress immediately after your interviewers synchronize their work. Both systems are highly configurable to make sure data is collected in line with your company’s standards and security policies. 

For market research companies that are not yet ready for the step to electronic data capture, the NIPO Fieldwork System also offers a great data entry solution. It is easy to install, it is fast and has several functions to improve and control the quality of data entered.