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Rapid insights from respondent data

Research is all about gaining meaningful insights. It starts with good data collection, but it certainly does not stop there. There are sometimes many more steps before actual insights can even be contemplated. With Nvision Script you are ready to analyze data and prime it for reporting right from the moment it goes into field, so you can deliver those to your customers in real-time.

With Nvision Script you have access to a powerful statistics platform. Nvision Script is meant to conduct the bulk of your data processing work, through a series of simple commands that you can run immediately or schedule to run later. With Nvision Script you can clean and merge data, run tabulations and conduct statistical analysis on your data all in one go.
In addition to the standard data processing commands, Nvision Script has a built-in set of even more powerful data transformation commands called typologies. With typologies you can transform any set of data in seconds to the format you want. Typologies are very flexible and can be used for a broad set of applications. You can even build a Sudoku solver with it if you want (it has been done, several times even).
Nvision Script will not limit you in the size and volume of data-sets you put through it. It is made to handle both small and large sets of data. It is light weight, running on basic hardware. Add to that the very affordable license costs and you will begin to understand why Nvision Script users are so enthusiastic about the product. 

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