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Are you ready for the future?

The research environment is changing. It is becoming faster and more mobile. At the same time volumes are decreasing. This means that new tools are required. Tools that allow you to deal with this new research reality. Tools that are adaptive to change. Tools that are efficient so you can operate as cost effectively as possible. For collecting data, Nfield is that new tool; a powerful cloud based data collection platform for professional market research organizations. It features all you need to conduct high quality, professional and secure surveys. Nfield is available for CAPI and Online interviewing.

Nfield CAPI

Nfield CAPI is a powerful platform for conducting face-to-face interviews on mobile Android devices. It has built-in support for all common face-to-face fieldwork methods, from joint quota surveys conducted at one location to random walk surveys conducted at many locations. Nfield CAPI supports secure sharing of devices between interviewers. It even supports interviewers securely using the same device to work for multiple market research companies.

Your CAPI interviewers are able to work on almost any kind of Android tablet or phone using the Nfield CAPI app. This app can be downloaded from Google Play and in China from 360 Mobile Assistant. The Nfield CAPI app includes all the functionality your interviewers need to select the right respondent and to conduct the interview. The captured data is encrypted and securely stored to assure confidentiality. To prevent interviewers from getting stuck in field because there is no connectivity, interviewing in Nfield CAPI is done without any need for an internet connection. Instead your interviewers synchronize with the Nfield cloud for central data-storage and analysis.

Your central fieldwork team will manage and monitor fieldwork in real-time via an online portal. In this portal they can set up and deploy surveys. They also get immediate access to data uploaded by interviewers. What happens in field is completely transparent, meaning your staff have all the tools to deliver according to schedule. 

Nfield Online

Imagine an online interviewing platform that can deal with any interviewing volume you throw at it. That serves questionnaires to your respondents which are optimized for the devices in use. And that never breaks down. That system is Nfield Online.

Its high-volume architecture is designed to self-heal and to handle over 100,000 simultaneous live interviews.  Nfield Online recognizes the device a respondent is using and adapts the questionnaire layout accordingly (or not if you do not want it to). To set up, deploy and manage surveys in Nfield Online your fieldwork staff uses the same online portal as Nfield CAPI. They have immediate access to data that is collected via the system, so what happens in field is completely transparent.

Nfield, the most powerful platform NIPO Software has made to date

Nfield is the best data collection platform NIPO Software has created. It supports all of the questionnaire functions of the NIPO Fieldwork System, even a few more. Nfield CAPI has many more sampling functions than the NIPO CAPI system. Nfield Online outperforms all other data collection platform available. 

No more IT hassle

Nfield is delivered as a service: hosted and managed by NIPO Software. For you this means: no servers, no licenses and no IT costs. NIPO Software takes care of running the IT infrastructure and making sure the platform is available 24x7. The fact that we do this for so many customers means that the cost benefits are passed directly back to you in our pricing. 

Safe and secure

Nfield runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud; the same cloud that Microsoft uses for Outlook.com, Office 365 and Xbox live. With Nfield your data collection environment automatically scales with the size of your operations. The Microsoft Azure cloud and Nfield are setup and managed to make sure your data is always secure and available. The Microsoft Azure is certified for the internationally leading security standard ISO27001. Also, and as the only hosted service supplier to the industry, NIPO Software is ISO27001 certified. 

Always working with the latest version

With Nfield you are not charged extra for being on the newest version. We believe all our customers should have access to the latest software features, so you can get the most out of your fieldwork. We run these updates runtime so there is no downtime or interruption of service. With Nfield you have 24x7 access to your surveys, 365 days per year. 

Easy to learn, easy to use

Nfield’s well thought out structure and interfaces make it easier to use than traditional data collection platforms, without compromising the industry-grade strength required to conduct complex research projects. Both your field staff and your interviewers will love Nfield.

Great looking, device agnostic interviews

With Nfield you do not have to worry about the devices your respondents or interviewers are using. Nfield recognizes the device and automatically serves the questionnaire content in the right format. With our powerful templating features you can make every questionnaire look fantastic.

Two modes for the price of one

As an Nfield user you have access to both Nfield CAPI and Nfield Online. Both modes share the same interview engine, so you can deploy your surveys in CAPI and Online without any need for re-scripting. 

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