Innovation since  the 70s

Our roots go back to the seventies, when programmers from NIPO, the leading market research company in the Netherlands, started developing software for data collection and analysis. There were precious little tools available. And yes, we all looked slightly different back then.

The enduring and close cooperation between software experts and researchers led to the development of many comprehensive software solutions. For nearly half a century, our products and services have been powering data collection activities across a wide variety of research companies.

In the ever changing market research space we continue to do what we do best: develop software solutions that improve operational efficiency and help drive new business. From punch-cards to cloud-based platforms offering mobile and device agnostic interviewing capabilities, we are proud to be a pioneer in developing cutting edge solutions for data collection. 

Some of our milestones:
1986 - The world’s first CAPI fieldwork system
1999 - Virtual call-centers, remote interviewing CATI@HOME
2001 - Seamless integration with IBM SPSS through our DSC
2005 - Mixed-mode, switch between CATI and Web in the same interview
2013 - Nfield CAPI, cloud-based data-collection, face2face interviewing with an Android App
2015 - Nfield Online, cloud based data-collection for online interviewing
Right now, our software solutions are used by more than 200 leading market research companies worldwide, supported by our offices in  the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Argentina.