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    Conduct Facebook- and Twitter triggered online research

    Posted by Rutger de Jong on 14 March 2012

    NIPO Software recently integrated the NIPO Fieldwork System with the official Facebook and Twitter API’s. Through this integration it is, for instance, possible to invite fans on Facebook fan pages to participate in research projects.

    Being a Facebook fan of a specific company indicates a high loyalty of a person towards the brand. Once invited, the chances for participation are likely higher than in a situation where the respondent feels not connected with the specific brand.

    Recently, TNS NIPO used this solution to conduct fieldwork for the Dutch Facebook Company of the Year Awards project. In total 160 companies were involved in the project, over 14,000 respondents participated and over 26,000 fan pages were rated. The project is considered a huge success by TNS NIPO.

    The service is available through the NIPO Software hosting facilities. If you would like to conduct a Facebook and/or Twitter triggered research project for one of your customers, please contact the NIPO Software Sales team to learn more about the possibilities.

    The benefits of our social media integration:

    • Reduce impact of email fatigue or avoidance of certain segments by inviting respondents via Facebook (or Twitter) instead of email
    • Create opportunities for ‘viral’ surveys, also described as snowball sampling, in which respondents invite friends to participate
    • Research brands’ Facebook fans (or Twitter followers) within the Facebook page – no need to redirect participants outside Facebook
    • Capture participants facebook profile information – a powerful addition to the survey information collected
    • Follow-up on social media conversations (webcare)
    • Enrich existing panel systems with information harvested from social media profiles

    Contact the NIPO Software Sales team for more information.